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26th Sept. 2011 Module 5, Group A, GDB 3 Reply RE: She has written very well the analysis case for AOL. There are just a few ideas I would have included into the case. 2) The $54.199 billion Goodwill impairment was solely from the merger of the two companies. The decline in stock prices where from the reported merger to take place in January 2002 . The impairment was in the fourth quarter of 2002. They recorded $45.538 billion as operating income in the consolidated statement of operations . The decline due to the market values and to reduce carrying value of Goodwill at AOL $33.489 billion, Cable $10.550 billion, Music $646 million
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Unformatted text preview: and trademark as part of Music $853 million . 3) Some of the figures are wrong: Cable $22,980, Music 4,796, Total 54,203 for the first quarter impairment losses. 4) The $54,240 billion was “cumulative effect of accounting charge” it does not affect operating income or cash flow of AOL . In the fourth quarter, AOL had to record the $45.5 billion as operating income in the consolidated statement of operation; they did not have to in the first quarter because of the SFAS 142....
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