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28th Aug. 2011 Module 1, Group A Reply RE The decision to have a partnership or a corporation has many different variables. One would be if the individuals have money in order to operate a corporation. Partnerships in many states are free to create. Corporations on the other hand have to file certain forms and pay in order to operate. Another decision would depend on the state that these individuals want to operate in. Some organizations cannot operate as corporations and have to operate as partnerships. These two would also need to have a plan on how they would get investors in order to grow if they
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Unformatted text preview: wanted to. They many would want in the future, they would need to have there options open. They could have investments; sell shares, or interests in the company. Have to decision if they would want to deal with double taxation with a corporation, or individual taxation as a partnership. Reference: Hoyle, Joe B., Schaefer, Thomas F., & Doupnik, Timothy S. (2011). Advanced Accounting 10th Ed. McGraw-Hill Irwin. New York, NY....
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