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Check Figures Part 1 Fair Value Allocation Schedule If you email me by Wednesday, September 28, I will check over your Fair Value Allocation Schedule. Part 2 Trial Balances 2,838,100: Peco's Total Assets on the Equity Method Trial Balance 3,033,100.00: Peco's Total Assets on the Initial Value Method Trial Balance 3,238,100.00: Peco's Total Assets on the Partial Equity Method Trial Balance Part 3 Consolidated Worksheets 1,385,000 Total Debit/Credit adjustment and elimination entries for the Equity Method 1,545,000 Total Debit/Credit adjustment and elimination entries for the Initial Value Method 1,785,000 Total Debit/Credit adjustment and elimination entries for the Partial Equity Method 3,089,100: Consolidated Worksheet Total Assets for Equity, Partial Equity, and Initial Value
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Unformatted text preview: Methods Part 4 Goodwill Impairment Loss Earnings per share after goodwill impairment loss: -0.36 Part 5 Report Make sure to complete this part of the project as well. Other Details: Formulas Make sure to use the formulas described in the instructions. The formulas help your grade if you have an incorrect figure. With formulas I can enter the correct figure and the rest of your worksheet will be updated. Without formulas an incorrect figure in the beginning influences your entire worksheet. Adjustments and Eliminations Include the appropriate letter (S, A, I, D, E, *C) in a separate column next to the entry itself. Notice in the check figures that I have given you the totals of the debits and the credits....
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