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Quiz%206A-1465 - EEL 3135—14E5 SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS QUIZ...

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Unformatted text preview: EEL 3135—14E5 SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS QUIZ EA ELEUTHJGAL AND COMPUTER ENGINEERING UN wsssrrv {1F FLORIDA ' SPRING sens '- thlem 1 The sysnem shuwu heeluw is s. “rinuhls integrater“—it is the easesde of We idea] integrators. ff ye} __ {a} Caleulste the impulse response ef the {mm-all equivalent. system. {Is} Is the umel system eemssl? [Justify your answer.) (e) Is the overall swstem BIED stable? [Justifi 30m: answer.) (a) Eflf 455% _/8(A)d«3 = ma; m/mm fies/6m ./ Add! wimztyrwfir .: fir“ _j A/f . (assays!) = inc/é) fig 3 )5"ny .135. f 93 m) H sat) H sci/AM . 4 m WW2?) 44’ t 0 :- {st/E}- (1:) Amps is 5‘s rs 6M4! )f/Zayws- fact arm m»! fwmj‘ =2) an 37‘415/9 _____'_,_.__,_.—__.—— .1 ...
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