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Problem 1.1 [Difficulty: 3] Given: Common Substances Tar Sand “Silly Putty” Jello Modeling clay Toothpaste Wax Shaving cream Some of these substances exhibit characteristics of solids and fluids under different conditions. Find: Explain and give examples. Solution: Tar, Wax, and Jello behave as solids at room temperature or below at ordinary pressures. At high pressures or over long periods, they exhibit fluid characteristics. At higher temperatures, all three liquefy and become viscous fluids.
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Unformatted text preview: Modeling clay and silly putty show fluid behavior when sheared slowly. However, they fracture under suddenly applied stress, which is a characteristic of solids. Toothpaste behaves as a solid when at rest in the tube. When the tube is squeezed hard, toothpaste “flows” out the spout, showing fluid behavior. Shaving cream behaves similarly. Sand acts solid when in repose (a sand “pile”). However, it “flows” from a spout or down a steep incline....
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