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Problem 1.3 - pump barrel and reduces friction(and...

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Problem 1.3 [Difficulty: 3] Open-Ended Problem Statement: The barrel of a bicycle tire pump becomes quite warm during use. Explain the mechanisms responsible for the temperature increase. Discussion: Two phenomena are responsible for the temperature increase: (1) friction between the pump piston and barrel and (2) temperature rise of the air as it is compressed in the pump barrel. Friction between the pump piston and barrel converts mechanical energy (force on the piston moving through a distance) into thermal energy as a result of friction. Lubricating the piston helps to provide a good seal with the
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Unformatted text preview: pump barrel and reduces friction (and therefore force) between the piston and barrel. Temperature of the trapped air rises as it is compressed. The compression is not adiabatic because it occurs during a finite time interval. Heat is transferred from the warm compressed air in the pump barrel to the cooler surroundings. This raises the temperature of the barrel, making its outside surface warm (or even hot!) to the touch....
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