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Problem 1.6 [Difficulty: 1] Given: Data on oxygen tank. Find: Mass of oxygen. Solution: Compute tank volume, and then use oxygen density (Table A.6) to find the mass. The given or available data is: D1 6 f t = p 1000 psi = T 77 460 + () R = T 537 R = R O2 48.29 ft lbf lbm R = (Table A.6) For oxygen the critical temperature and pressure are: T c 279 R = p c 725.2 psi = (data from NIST WebBook) so the reduced temperature and pressure are: T R T T c 1.925 = = p R p p c 1.379 = = Using a compressiblity factor chart: Z 0.948 = Since this number is close to 1, we can assume ideal gas behavior.
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