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Problem 1.9 [Difficulty: 2] Given: Mass of nitrogen, and design constraints on tank dimensions. Find: External dimensions. Solution: Use given geometric data and nitrogen mass, with data from Table A.6. The given or available data is: M5 k g = p 200 1 + ( ) atm = p 20.4 MPa = T 20 273 + () K = T 293 K = R N2 296.8 J kg K = (Table A.6) The governing equation is the ideal gas equation p ρ R N2 T = and ρ M V = where V is the tank volume V π D 2 4 L = where L2 D = Combining these equations: Hence MV ρ = pV R N2 T = p R N2 T π D 2 4 L = p
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