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Problem 1.18 [Difficulty: 2] Given: Basic dimensions F, L, t and T. Find: Dimensional representation of quantities below, and typical units in SI and English systems. Solution: (a) Power Power Energy Time Force Distance × Time = = FL t = Nm s lbf ft s (b) Pressure Pressure Force Area = F L 2 = N m 2 lbf ft 2 (c) Modulus of elasticity Pressure Force Area = F L 2 = N m 2 lbf ft 2 (d) Angular velocity AngularVelocity Radians Time = 1 t = 1 s 1 s (e) Energy Energy Force Distance × = = lbf ft (f) Momentum Momentum Mass Velocity × = M L t = From Newton's 2nd law Force Mass Acceleration × = so FM L t 2 = or M Ft 2 L = Hence Momentum M L t = 2 L Lt = = Ns lbf s
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