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Problem 1.45 [Difficulty: 3] Given: Nominal mass flow rate of water determined by collecting discharge (in a beaker) over a timed interval is & mg s = 100 ; Scales have capacity of 1 kg, with least count of 1 g; Timer has least count of 0.1 s; Beakers with volume of 100, 500, 1000 mL are available – tare mass of 1000 mL beaker is 500 g. Find: Estimate (a) time intervals, and (b) uncertainties, in measuring mass flow rate from using each of the three beakers. Solution: To estimate time intervals assume beaker is filled to maximum volume in case of 100 and 500 mL beakers and to maximum allowable mass of water (500 g) in case of 1000 mL beaker. Then & && m= m t and t m mm ∆∀ == ρ Tabulating results ∆∀ = = 100 500 1000 15 mL mL mL ts s 5 s Apply the methodology of uncertainty analysis, Appendix E. Computing equation: 2 1 2 2 + ± = t m m u t m m t u m m m m u & & & & & The uncertainties are ± half the least counts of the measuring instruments:
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