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Problem 3.15 [Difficulty: 1] Given: Geometry of straw Find: Pressure just below the thumb Assumptions: (1) Coke is incompressible (2) Pressure variation within the air column is negligible (3) Coke has density of water Solution: Basic equation dp dy ρ g = or, for constant ρ Δ p ρ g h = where h is measured downwards This equation only applies in the 15 cm of coke in the straw - in the other 30 cm of air the pressure is essentially constant.
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Unformatted text preview: The gage pressure at the coke surface is p coke g h coke = Hence, with h coke 15 cm = because h is measured downwards p coke 1000 kg m 3 9.81 m s 2 15 cm m 100 cm N s 2 kg m kPa m 2 1000 N = p coke 1.471 kPa = gage p coke 99.9 kPa =...
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