Problem 3.16 - A 1 in 1 in = A 1 in 2 = F g h A = F 1.94...

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Problem 3.16 [Difficulty: 2] p atm A p base A Cover Given: Data on water tank and inspection cover Find: If the support bracket is strong enough; at what water depth would it fail Assumptions: Water is incompressible and static Solution: Basic equation dp dy ρ g = or, for constant ρ Δ p ρ g h = where h is measured downwards The absolute pressure at the base is p base p atm ρ g h + = where h1 6 f t = The gage pressure at the base is p base ρ g h = This is the pressure to use as we have p atm on the outside of the cover. The force on the inspection cover is Fp base A =
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Unformatted text preview: A 1 in 1 in = A 1 in 2 = F g h A = F 1.94 slug ft 3 32.2 ft s 2 16 ft 1 in 2 ft 12 in 2 lbf s 2 slug ft = F 6.94 lbf = The bracket is strong enough (it can take 9 lbf). To find the maximum depth we start with F 9.00 lbf = h F g A = h 9 lbf 1 1.94 ft 3 slug 1 32.2 s 2 ft 1 in 2 12 in ft 2 slug ft lbf s 2 = h 20.7 ft =...
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