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Problem 3.21 - Problem 3.21 Given[Difficulty 2 U-tube...

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Problem 3.21 [Difficulty: 2] Given: U-tube manometer, partiall filled with water, then a given volume of Meriam red oil is added to the left side D 6.35 mm = V oil 3.25 cm 3 = SG oil 0.827 = (From Table A.1, App. A) Find: Equilibrium height, H, when both legs are open to atmosphere. Solution: We will apply the basic pressure-height relation. Governing Equations: dp dh ρ g = (Hydrostatic Pressure - h is positive downwards) ρ SG ρ water = (Definition of Specific Gravity) Assumptions: (1) Static liquid (2) Incompressible liquid L L – H A B C D Integration of the pressure equation gives: p 2 p 1 ρ g h 2 h 1 () = Thus: p B p A ρ oil
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