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Problem 3.23 - Problem 3.23 Given Data on manometer...

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Problem 3.23 [Difficulty: 2] Given: Data on manometer Find: Deflection due to pressure difference Solution: Basic equation dp dy ρ g = or, for constant ρ Δ p ρ g Δ h = where h is measured downwards Starting at p 1 p A p 1 SG A ρ g h l + ( ) + = where l is the (unknown) distance from the level of the right interface Next, from A to B p B p A SG B ρ g h = Finally, from A to the location of p 2 p 2 p B SG A ρ g l = Combining the three equations p 2 p A SG B ρ g h ( ) SG A ρ g
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