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Problem 3.27 [Difficulty: 2] Given: Data on fluid levels in a tank Find: Air pressure; new equilibrium level if opening appears Solution: Using Eq. 3.8, starting from the open side and working in gage pressure p air ρ H2O g × SG Hg 0.3 0.1 () × m 0.1 m SG Benzene 0.1 × m × = Using data from Table A.2 p air 999 kg m 3 9.81 × m s 2 13.55 0.2 × m 0.1 m 0.879 0.1 × m × Ns 2 kg m × = p air 24.7 kPa = To compute the new level of mercury in the manometer, assume the change in level from 0.3 m is an increase of x . Then, because the volume of mercury is constant, the tank mercury level will fall by distance (0.025/0.25) 2 x . Hence, the gage pressure at the bottom of the ta
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