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Problem 3.54 - Problem 3.54 Given Gate geometry...

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Problem 3.54 [Difficulty: 3] Given: Gate geometry Find: Depth H at which gate tips Solution: This is a problem with atmospheric pressure on both sides of the plate, so we can first determine the location of the center of pressure with respect to the free surface, using Eq.3.11c (assuming depth H ) y' y c I xx A y c + = and I xx w L 3 12 = with y c H L 2 = where L = 1 m is the plate height and w is the plate width Hence y' H L 2 w L 3 12 w L H L 2 + = H L 2 L 2 12 H L 2 + = But for equilibrium, the center of force must always be at or below the level of the hinge so that the stop can hold the gate in
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