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Problem 3.83 [Difficulty: 2] Given: Canoe floating in a pond Find: What happens when an anchor with too short of a line is thrown from canoe Solution: Governing equation: W gV F disp w B = = ρ Before the anchor is thrown from the canoe the buoyant force on the canoe balances out the weight of the canoe and anchor: 1 1 canoe w anchor canoe B gV W W F = + = The anchor weight can be expressed as a a anchor gV W = so the initial volume displaced by the canoe can be written as a w a w canoe canoe V g W V + = 1 After throwing the anchor out of the canoe there will be buoyant forces acting on the canoe and the anchor.
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Unformatted text preview: Combined, these buoyant forces balance the canoe weight and anchor weight: a w canoe w anchor canoe B gV gV W W F + = + = 2 2 a w a w canoe canoe V g W g W V − + = 2 Using the anchor weight, a a w a w canoe canoe V V g W V − + = 2 Hence the volume displaced by the canoe after throwing the anchor in is less than when the anchor was in the canoe, meaning that the canoe is floating higher....
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