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Problem 3.105 - Problem*3.105[Difficulty 2 FB y x H = 6 0...

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Problem *3.105 [Difficulty: 2] F B W H = 60 cm θ h = 5 cm y x Given: Data on river Find: Largest diameter of log that will be transported Solution: Basic equation F B ρ g V sub = and Σ F y 0 = Σ F y 0 = F B W = where F B ρ g V sub = ρ g A sub L = WS G ρ g V = SG ρ g A L = From references (e.g. CRC Mathematics Handbook) A sub R 2 2 θ sin θ () = where R is the radius and θ is the included angle Hence ρ g R 2 2 θ sin θ L SG ρ g π R 2 L = θ sin θ 2SG π = 2 0.8 × π × = This equation can be solved by manually iterating, or by using a good calculator, or by using Excel's Goal Seek
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