Problem 3.110 - therefore its buoyancy, would decrease,...

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Problem *3.110 [Difficulty: 4] Open-Ended Problem Statement: In the “Cartesian diver” child's toy, a miniature “diver” is immersed in a column of liquid. When a diaphragm at the top of the column is pushed down, the diver sinks to the bottom. When the diaphragm is released, the diver again rises. Explain how the toy might work. Discussion: A possible scenario is for the toy to have a flexible bladder that contains air. Pushing down on the diaphragm at the top of the liquid column would increase the pressure at any point in the liquid. The air in the bladder would be compressed slightly as a result. The volume of the bladder, and
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Unformatted text preview: therefore its buoyancy, would decrease, causing the diver to sink to the bottom of the liquid column. Releasing the diaphragm would reduce the pressure in the water column. This would allow the bladder to expand again, increasing its volume and therefore the buoyancy of the diver. The increased buoyancy would permit the diver to rise to the top of the liquid column and float in a stable, partially submerged position, on the surface of the liquid....
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