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Problem 4.30 [Difficulty: 1] Given: Data on filling of a basement during a storm Find: Flow rate of storm into basement Solution: This is an unsteady problem if we choose the CS as the entire basement Basic equation t M CV CS ρ V A () + 0 = Assumptions: 1) Incompressible flow Given data: Q pump 27.5 gpm = dh dt 4 in hr = A3 0 f t 20 ft = Hence t M CV ρ A dh dt = CS ρ V A () = ρ Q storm ρ Q
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Unformatted text preview: = where A is the basement area and dh/dt is the rate at which the height of water in the basement changes. Q storm Q pump A dh dt = or Q storm 27.5 gal min 30 ft 20 ft 4 12 ft hr 7.48 gal ft 3 1 hr 60 min = Data on gals from Table G.2 Q storm 2.57 gpm =...
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