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Problem 4.106 [Difficulty: 4] CS x y a b d c F f Given: Data on flow of boundary layer Find: Force on plate per unit width Solution: Basic equations: Continuity, and momentum flux in x direction Assumptions: 1) Steady flow 2) Incompressible 3) No net pressure force From continuity ρ U 0 w δ m bc + 0 δ y ρ u w d + 0 = where m bc is the mass flow rate across bc (Note: sotware cannot render a dot!) Hence m bc 0 δ y ρ U 0 u () w d = For x momentum F f U 0 ρ U 0 w δ U 0 m bc + 0 δ y u ρ u w d + = 0 δ y U 0 2 u 2 + U 0 U 0 u + w d = Then the drag force is F f 0 δ y ρ u U 0 u w d = 0 δ y ρ U 0 2 u U 0 1 u U 0 d = But we have u U 0 y δ = where we have used substitution
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