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Problem 4.130 [Difficulty: 3] Given: Data on jet boat Find: Formula for boat speed; flow rate; value of k; new speed and flow rate Solution: CV in boat coordinates Basic equation: Momentum Given data D7 5 m m = V j 15 m s = V1 0 m s = ρ 1000 kg m 3 = Applying the horizontal component of momentum F drag V ρ Q () V j ρ Q + = or, with F drag kV 2 = 2 ρ Q V j ρ Q V = 2 ρ Q V + ρ Q V j 0 = Solving for V V ρ Q 2k ρ Q 2 ρ Q V j k + + = (1) For the flow rate QV j π 4 D 2 = Q 0.0663 m 3 s = To find k from Eq 1, let α ρ Q = then V α α
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