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Problem 4.133 [Difficulty: 3] CS (moves at speed U) y x c d R x R y Given: Water jet striking moving vane Find: Expressions for force and power; Show that maximum power is when U = V/3 Solution: Basic equation: Momentum flux for inertial CV Assumptions: 1) Steady flow 2) Incompressible flow 3) Atmospheric pressure in jet 4) Uniform flow 5) Jet relative velocity is constant Then R x u 1 ρ V 1 A 1 () u 2 ρ V 2 A 2 + = VU ρ A [] ( ) cos θ ρ A + = R x ρ 2 A cos θ () 1 = This is force on vane; Force exerted by vane is equal and opposite F x ρ
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