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Problem 4.164 - Problem 4.164[Difficulty 3 CS at speed U y...

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Problem 4.164 [Difficulty: 3] y x CS at speed U V e Y X Given: Data on rocket sled Find: Minimum fuel to get to 265 m/s Solution: Basic equation: Momentum flux in x direction Assumptions: 1) No resistance 2) p e = p atm 3) Uniform flow 4) Use relative velocities From continuity dM dt m rate = constant = so M M 0 m rate t = (Note: Software cannot render a dot!) Hence from momentum a rfx M dU dt M 0 m rate t ( ) = u e ρ e V e A e ( ) = V e m rate = Separating variables dU V e m rate M 0 m rate t dt = Integrating
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