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Problem 5.66 [Difficulty: 3] Given: Velocity field and nozzle geometry Find: Acceleration along centerline; plot Solution: Assumption: Incompressible flow The given data is A 0 5f t 2 L2 0 f t b 0.2 ft 1 U 0 20 ft s ω 0.16 rad s Ax () A 0 1b x The velocity on the centerline is obtained from continuity ux ()Ax U 0 A o so uxt A 0 U 0 0.5 0.5 cos ω t U 0 x 0.5 0.5 cos ω t The acceleration is given by For the present 1D flow a x t u u x u 0.5 U 0 ω sin ω t x U 0 x 0.5 0.5 cos ω t U 0 b 0.5 cos ω t 0.5 x 2 a x U
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