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(a) Circulation about a contour bounded by x = 0.4 m, x = 0.6 m, y = 0, and y = 8 mm. (b) Result if evaluated Δ x = 0.2 m further downstream Problem 5.71 [Difficulty: 4] Given: Sinusoidal approximation to boundary-layer velocity profile: u U sin π 2 y δ where δ 5mm at x 0.5 m Neglect the vertical component of velocity. U 0.5 m s Find: Solution: We will apply the definition of circulation to the given velocity field. s d V Governing Equation: (Definition of circulation) From the definition of circulation we break up the integral: da cd bc ab s d V s d V s d V s d V Since the velocity is zero over ab, and since
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