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MTH G131: Introduction to Mathematical Methods and Modeling -- Fall 2006 End of Semester Projects: Presentations on December 6. 6:00 Greg Angelides " Serret-Frenet Equations " 6:20 Arshak Grigoryan " Predator-prey model " 6:40 Bryan Licciardi " Exploration of a Complex System Using Differential Equations: Multi-Party Competition Model in Political
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Unformatted text preview: Science " 7:00 Nagappan Ramaswamy "Mathematical Model for Electrochemical Oscillators" 7:20 Lovee Ryan "Model of Steel Production" 7:40 Jiashen Tang "Numerical Way of ODE" 8:00 Becky Wilson "Newton's Law of Cooling" 8:20 Louis Zell "VoIP Resource Optimization" Back to MTH G131 ....
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