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Question 1: What are the two basic questions firms must answer when internationalizing their value added chains? Question 2: Are there any country examples of perfectly free markets in the world? Why or why not? Question 3: What is an import tariff? Why are import tariffs imposed? Question 4: What is an ad valorem tariff? Give an example Question 5: What is a specific tariff? Give an example Question 6: Give an example of a non-tariff barrier to trade. Why do governments choose these
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Unformatted text preview: instead of tariffs? Question 7: What is an import quota and how is it different from a tariff? Give an example. Question 8: Why do host governments impose local content requirements on MNEs? Question 9: Why do governments give subsidies to their nations firms? Give an example. Question 10: Explain the process of how firms can get around tariffs, quotas and VERs to keep market share in a country or regional economic integration pact by employing FDI....
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