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SELF GRADED QUESTIONS FOR CHAPTER 16 ON INTERNATIONAL HRM Note : We have reporting quizzes in place for you to report your self-graded scores for workbook assignments in chapters 1-13. In the reporting quiz the last question asks “would you like the freebie credit for chapter 14” … I’m paraphrasing but that is how you get your freebie points for chapter 14. There is no chapter 15 and we will set up a final ten-point reporting quiz for you to self-report your points for chapter 16. This will bring your homework to a total of 150 course points. We also have a holiday surprise announcement for you on the workbooks, two actually. First, we are keeping the reporting quiz open until the final exam begins and allowing everyone to report their points without any penalty. Second, we are going to let you keep your workbooks and not ask you to submit them. This will give those of you who did not do the assignments on time a second chance to cement these concepts in memory and better prepare you for the final exam.
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