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Review Materials for Exam #2. 10/03/2011 Material from the first exam. Please remember what you learned in the first exam. You may be asked some questions that relate to the first exam, because in order to understand our current topics we must understand what has gone on before. Membranes and Transport across membranes Ch 7 1. Know the fluid mosaic model. Why is it called fluid. 2. Be able to discuss/recognize the structure of a phospholipids. 3. Why is it called amphipathic? 4. Know the structure, role, function and organization of proteins and carbohydrates of membranes. 5. Be able to explain what is going on in figure 7.7. 6. How is a membrane made and oriented? (Know the parts of the cell that make membranes and proteins), how do these substances make it to their final destination within the cell. 7. How do substances move across a membrane? List the physical properties involved, what is the driving force and what structures accommodate the movement. 8. Know, explain and give examples of diffusion and osmosis. 9. Describe the process of exo and endocytosis. 10. Discuss why cells need to move things in and out of the cell. Describe overall how this is done and what is the driving force behind it. 11. Describe in detail how ion pumps and coupled transport work. (fig 7.16)_ Ch 8 an Introduction to Metabolism Organize the chemistry of the cell describing and listing how anabolic and
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revex2 - Review Materials for Exam#2 Material from the...

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