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Things to know for Cell Biology (bio 230) First exam 091311 This list is not complete and its contents may change between now and the first exam(stFinal ) Material is current as of 090611 Introduction and cell theory. Ch 1 1. Be able to list and describe the hierarchy of biological organization. 2. Describe how the lowest level of life can perform all the activities required for life. 3. Describe and give examples of emergent properties of systems. How does this relate to cell biology. 4. Describe what reductionism is and how scientists use it. 5. Know what positive and negative feedback are. Describe an example. 6. List the three domains of life, list or describe their properties and what they do. 7. How can life be so diverse yet have a unifying theme? 8. Describe and give an example of what natural selection is. 9. Describe the tree of life, and some alternate forms. 10. List and describe various forms of inquiry used by biologists. a. Discovery b. Hypothesis based 11. What are the limitations of science. Be able to explain these limitations when given certain hypothetical situations. 12. Differentiate between technology and science. 13. How do scientists use models and why? Cell evolution (from ch 25 and 26) 1. How were the first organic compounds required for life synthesized? 2. What are Protobionts and how can they evolve without “DNA” genetics? 3. What is meant by a “RNA world”. 4. How can RNA be self replicating, how can this lead to natural selection. 5. Describe the first prokaryotes. 6. Describe what is thought to be the early electron transport system? 7. Why is it thought that this (ETS from above) came before early life? 8.
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revex1 - Things to know for Cell Biology (bio 230) First...

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