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Bio 230 fa10 Lab Notebook SOP SOP on research project notebooks. Introduction. Keeping in a bound notebook important. In the U.S., the first person to conceive of an invention, product, or process is awarded the patent for that product or process. Notebooks properly kept and witnessed are legal evidence of conception to practice an invention. Examples of good notebooks that are still relevant are those done by M Faraday and T. Edison. Why should you make a legal, Scientific Notebook? Everyone involved in research lab, product design or development must keep a legal, scientific notebook. A legal, scientific notebook contains a record of all work done by the scientist or technician. By using the format of a legal scientific notebook in this class you should be able to show the book to potential employers. In working anywhere in the biotechnology or biology discovery field you must be able to make a legal scientific notebook. If you are going into medicine, you will also be required to document processes and procedures for your patient in a chart. These are all legal documents and must be performed in order to do your jobs correctly. So get used to writing stuff down neatly. Record Keeping Procedures for Bio 230 project notebooks. 1. Use only your official notebook to record your work. Do not write on slips of paper or your hand/gloves no matter how tempting. All records of your work go into your lab notebook. A
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notebooksfa09 - Bio 230 fa10 Lab Notebook SOP SOP on...

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