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Bio 230 Materials list page Materials list page: As you can tell it is a very large effort to coordinate the regular labs for the biology classrooms, as well as to provide special projects materials to the bio 230 class. Everyone is a lot happier if materials are requested in advance and that the materials and supplies are approved by your instructor as well as the stockroom manager. Please note your instructor and the stockroom manager can make suggestions for materials and equipment that are currently in the lab and that would also make your life much easier. The preliminary Lab materials list is due October 20 th . You will get your list back on October 23 st . Your instructor will suggest changes to you at that point. It may take up to 2 weeks or November 6 th for all materials to be supplied. We will try and expedite things as quickly as possible. You will have all of November to work on your projects. Use the following template to supply your list. Send your table in as an assignment
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