labfa11bio230 - Biology 230p 1 N Kapp Fall 2011 WELCOME TO...

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Biology 230—p. 1 N. Kapp —Fall 2011 WELCOME TO THE BIOLOGY 230 LABORATORY! Philosophy Laboratory experiments are intended to supplement and reinforce the basic principles you are learning in this class. A second, major purpose is to help you develop your problem-solving skills and manual dexterity with lab techniques. A third purpose is to show your soft skills like general preparedness, honesty and how well you interact with your fellow students. While you are not specifically evaluated on these skills, I do take them in consideration when I am writing letters of recommendation. The basic lab techniques you will learn in this class will be applicable to all biology-related professions including medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, animal behavior, and ecology. Participation and attendance Your direct participation is necessary at all labs. A direct measure of your presence and participation will be assayed at all lab meetings, as well as open labs. When students must be absent because of illness or emergencies they should contact the instructor as soon as possible. A student may be dropped for missing two laboratory periods. Responsibility for making up work missed because of absence rests with the student. Bio 230 only has one lab a week and no make up opportunities exist. The Grade of W You may wish to withdraw from this class. If you withdraw prior to 9-9-11 nothing will appear on your record. If you withdraw between 9-9-11 and 11-15-11, a W will appear on your transcript. You will receive a W for exceeding two absences prior to 11-15-11. Please see your instructor for help in determining your grade before making a decision to withdraw. Exceeding six lecture absences or two lab absences after
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labfa11bio230 - Biology 230p 1 N Kapp Fall 2011 WELCOME TO...

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