ch 9 cellular respiration

ch 9 cellular respiration - Ch 9 cellular...

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Ch 9 cellular respiration. (Harvesting Chemical Energy) Introduction: First Glycolysis then cellular respiration release chemical energy from glucose and transfer it to ATP. Glycolysis forms other high energy intermediates such as pyruvate and NADH. In the mitochondria a series of other enzymes reduce these intermediate products to more ATP. In the mitochondria a gradient of H+ ions are used to form ATP by a chemiosmotic mechanism. 1. Catabolic pathways yield energy by oxidizing organic molecules a. Fermentation is the partial degradation of sugars to release energy b. Aerobic respiration uses oxygen to break down energy rich organic compounds to yield carbon dioxide, water, ATP and heat. i. Anaerobic respiration is similar but does not use oxygen. c. The exergonic process has a free energy change of -686 kcal/mol d. Redox reactions (transfer of one or more electrons from one reactant to another i. Oxidation: loss of electrons from one substance ii. Reduction: addition of electrons to another substance. iii. Substance that loses electrons is oxidized iv. Oxygen strongly attracts electrons and is one of the most powerful oxidizing agent. v. Organic molecules with an abundance of hydrogen are rich in energy that can be lowered in energy by giving it to oxygen. e. Stages of cellular respiration: A preview i. Glycolysis breaks glucose into 2 molecules of pyruvate ii. Citric acid cycle in mitochondrial matrix oxidizes a derivative of pyruvate into carbon dioxide. Electrons are transferred and used to create NADH iii. A chain of redox reactions is used to synthesize ATP by oxidative phosphorylation 1. electron transport 2. Chemiosmosis f. 38 molecules of ATP generated for each molecule of glucose oxidized
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ch 9 cellular respiration - Ch 9 cellular...

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