230_syllabusfa11 - Biology 230—p. 1 Kapp Fall-2011...

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Unformatted text preview: Biology 230—p. 1 Kapp Fall-2011 WELCOME TO BIOLOGY 230! Philosophy This is the second course in the core program for Biology majors. When you have completed this course and organic chemistry you will be able to undertake upper division coursework in the biological sciences. By intent, course content, assignments, and lab work are comparable to that of most transfer institutions and are designed to prepare you for upper division work in the sciences at all schools. The basic principles you will study in Cell Biology are applicable in all biology–related professions including medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, animal behavior, and ecology. Recent advances in molecular biology techniques have made it possible to look for biological answers in the cell and Cell Biology has become the unifying theme for biology and biochemistry. Cell Biology is becoming the organizing theme for much of the first-year medical curriculum as well. On the surface, living organisms appear widely disparate, however on the level of the cell they share more similarities than differences. Goals After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Have acquired an understanding of the major concepts in cell biology, and the experimental approaches taken to address them 2. Write clear and well-argued descriptions of these topics, based on the course material and textbook articles 3. Design, perform and analyze experiments in cell biology 4. Continue with upper division coursework in Biology....
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230_syllabusfa11 - Biology 230—p. 1 Kapp Fall-2011...

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