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Review Materials for Bio 230 Exam #3 (Revision 101811) Ch 16 DNA is the genetic material 1. Be able to describe the several experiments that lead up to the discovery that DNA is the genetic material. You should be able to describe in some detail what was done during these experiments. Griffith, Hershey and Chase, Chargoff. 2. What is the basics of the Watson and Crick model of DNA? Describe the DNA molecule in detail, measurements and especially its orientation. 16.7 3. Be able to describe in detail the replication of DNA using words and drawings. What general enzymes and proteins are involved, what are the steps, what is the orientation ect. Figures 16.13 to 16.17 Also table 16.1. 4. An interesting paradoxical problem occurs during DNA replication. The ends get shorter . What is the mechanism for this process and what prevents chromosomes from shrinking in to nothing during successive replication cycles? 5. How are mistakes that are made during replication fixed, or not fixed. What enzymes are involved, what are the triggers. About how often does this occur? 6. Differentiate between prokaryotic and eukaryotic replication. 7. Describe in detail the chromatin packing from figure 16.21. Are there any regulatory implications to this formatting? Ch 17 From Gene to Protein 1. Describe the experiments that supported the one-gene one enzyme hypothesis. What was done and what did they show? 2. Give an overview of transcription and translation. What happens where? What enzymes are involved, what parts of the cells are involved. Fig 17.3 3. Describe the genetic code. Is redundant? How many are there? What does it do? Be able to read the chart. Fig 17.5 4. What are the molecules involved in transcription and what do they do? How and
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revex3 - Review Materials for Bio 230 Exam #3 (Revision...

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