final - Bio 230 Review for last set of lectures (111609 NK)...

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Bio 230 Review for last set of lectures (111609 NK) Materials for Final exam. Bio 230 160pt (45% from this set and 55%previous sets and laboratory) On Dec 14 th from 11:10 till 1:40pm Ecology 55.1 to 55.5 1. Know the general way that chemical cycling occurs. The difference between mobile and non mobile elements and organic and inorganic reservoirs in the model of nutrient cycling fig 13. 2. Understand, use and describe the biogeochemical cycles, for water, carbon and phosphate. Fig 14. Know the biological importance, the forms (chemical formulations) available (useable by) to life, reservoirs and key processes involved. 3. What regulates nutrient cycling and how is it controlled? How do we look at cycling and study it (the Hubbard Brook Experimental forest)? 4. How have humans capitalized on nutrient recycling to produce more crops. What is a bad side effect of human tinkering with the process? 5. What is biological magnification, be able to describe the mechanics of this process? 6. How can cell biology be useful in solving some of our problems with geochemical cycling. 7. Be able to describe the problems that society is having with geochemical cycling, and describe in general how we are dealing with these problems? 8. Do you have an idea to help with this problem? Growth 12.1 to 12.4 1. As a background know the parts of the cell cycle. 2. Compare and contrast binary fission of prokaryotes and Eukaryotes. 3. What is the significance to the above difference to Evolution? 4. Discuss the importance of cell division in reproduction, development and tissue renewal. 5. What is the evidence for cytoplasmic signals to regulate the progress of the cell cycle. Describe the model of how it works. 6. Know the key molecules cyclins and cyclindependent kinases. How do they work. 7. Discuss the importance of tissue culture in the study of cell division. 8.
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final - Bio 230 Review for last set of lectures (111609 NK)...

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