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SOP 856.01 Counting using the hemacytometer Materials Manufacturer ID # Hemacytometer Micropipet tips Micropipettors Various See Skyline tag Vortex Mixer Microscope Chemicals Trypan Blue Stain 0.4% Methylene Blue stain 96 well plate Background: Because the hemacytometer has an exact volume under the coverslip, one can determine the concentration (cells/ml) of cells in the chamber. The cell concentration of the original cell suspension is that same as that in the chamber. For the total count one does need to take into account any dilutions that are made. A dye, trypan blue or Methylene Blue can be used to identify cells that are no longer living. Dead cells take up the dye, and appear blue under the microscope. Living cells exclude trypan blue or Methylene blue, and appear white. In this way one can determine the percentage of viable cells. Process: 1.00 Prepare clean, dry hemacytometer with the cover slip. 2.00
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counting_using_hemocytometer_856.01 - SOP 856.01 Counting...

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