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Manufacturing Formula Lot # Chick Embryo Cell Harvest In media without serum Code: SKY#120334.01 Page 1 of 6 Effective Date 100608 Ticket Issued by NK Date: 100609 Students Full Name______________________ Initials_____ Date_______________ Students Full Name______________________ Initials_____ Date_______________ Instructions: Your Manufacturing Formula will give you the exact steps in harvesting cardiomyocytes as well as a place to record that you have performed all of the activities required and in the correct manner. As you accomplish each step, place your initials and the date in the Oper/date box. Use a pen, this is a legal document. Then have a verifier (someone who saw you do the procedure and knew what you were going to do) place their initials in the Ver box. If you do not operate/date and verify, you have not completed the task Cardiomyocytes harvested without proper paperwork have to be destroyed and cannot be used for patient care. We lose money, but our patients may lose their life. The Date is in MMDDYY format, no periods or slashes. Time is in military time 1am is 0100 and 1pm is 1300. Step Description/ID# Size/amount Lot# Exp Date Oper/date Ver 1.0 Materials/Equipment List 1.01 _________ day old incubated Fertilized egg. Large NA N/A 1.02 DMEM with and without NCS, at 37’C As needed 1.02 DPBS, phosphate buffered saline As needed 1.03 Sterile prep site, sterile scissors, probe, forceps Various N/A N/A 1.04 Sterile plastic petri plates 15x100mm N/A N/A 1.05 6 well sterile tissue culture plates 6x10ml format N/A N/A 1.06 Dissecting microscope Binocular format 8x to 40x N/A N/A 1.07 sani wipes N/A N/A N/A 1.08 Utensil sterilizing station containing a beaker 70% alcohol and a Bunsen burner. The alcohol sterilizes the utensils, the burner is used to remove all of the alcohol which is toxic to our cells. 1.09
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120334.01_embro_harvest_and_monitor_w_trypsin - Skyline...

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