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Hello professor and class, to negotiation effectively, one needs to know as much as possible about all aspects of the situation and the personalities involved. As negotiators, it helps to learn about other people's preferences and also make our own clear. Be pleasant and persistent but not demanding. Be hard on the problem and soft on the person, Focus on needs, not positions, emphasize common ground, Make clear agreements, and make it possible for the other party to back down without feeling humiliated. Always manage your emotions. Let some accusations, attacks, threats or ultimatums pass. You can use techniques such as prepare, pay attention to
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Unformatted text preview: timing. Timing is important in any negotiation. Have good listening skills. The best negotiators are often quiet listeners who patiently let others have the floor while they make their case. Never interrupt, encourage the other side to talk first. It's generally better to sit tight and let the other side go first. Anticipate compromise. You should expect to make concessions and plan what they might be. Of course, the other side is thinking the same, so never take their first offer. Even if it's better than you'd hoped for....
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