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aa - (Chen 1999 It has been usually associated with the...

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Question There has been great controversy in the media as of late regarding Internet advertisers gleaning personal information from customers and then reselling the information. If they disclose the fact that they are reselling it, is this enough? Do you think advertisers should be banned from disclosing your personal information including what sites or information you “click” on? Provide a reputable source from either an article on the Internet that will back up your position. 75 words with references Answer Invasion of privacy has been primarily refers to the person right for keeping his and her life private & free from intrusion of the others
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Unformatted text preview: (Chen, 1999) . It has been usually associated with the public figure right so as to left alone through media however most of the public aspects of the celebrity's life have not been protected. Invasion of the privacy charges often presented in the civil lawsuit against the organization which has crossed the perceived line into the celebrity or the other person personal life, having used his and her likeness or the name in the unauthorized public manner. Reference Chen, K. (1999). Protecting Personal Information Online: A Survey of User Privacy Concerns and Control Technoques....
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