AB 202 Brenda Russell - Starbucks 1 Brenda Russell AB:202...

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Starbucks 1 Brenda Russell AB:202 Instructor Lyncheski August 31, 2011
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Starbucks 2 Starbucks Cornerstone of the Starbucks success is opening of the new stores. Starbucks was willing to enhance the brand name and equity,and for that Starbucks has attracted new customers for its opening stores in the communities. The new store locations may also maximize the convenience, thus increasing the frequency of visits by the existing customers. Additionally, lot of these new stores have been development with the drive-thru. With that the Starbucks is targeting the particular segment of their customer base which consists of the professionals and also the on-the-go parents. For measuring effectiveness of all these strategies, the Starbucks is regularly comparing the in data between the newly opened stores and also the existing stores, thus trying to increase profitability of both the units while maintaining the steady growth rate. Starbucks must provide the organic foods and health drinks. Now a day people are very health conscious, especially the new trends started to focus on the health conscious marketability. The Starbucks may improve its image by paying much attention to its customers concerns. The Starbucks should try to extend their menu selection for including the
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AB 202 Brenda Russell - Starbucks 1 Brenda Russell AB:202...

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