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AC114 Accounting assignment 1 2011

AC114 Accounting assignment 1 2011 - Two no user file...

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Networking 1 Brenda Russell AC114: Accounting July 30,2011
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Networking 2 Networking It is true that till date most of jobs are still filled through word of mouth instead of networking of job sites and other networking options. This is all due to that networks are having their importance from the last few years. The topology or the designing of the networking style can be ring network in which many companies or forums are organized or a star network where a single central company is linked to number of co-companies. These companies can act as stand-alone machines is to keep track of the job seekers, if they are being logged in for the generic purpose. It helps in managing back-ups availability of the employees so that if any thrash occurs, the generic efficacy will rise and no loss of preparation. For this the coordinate officer has to manage few things like one, user accounts must be accessible to him.
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Unformatted text preview: Two, no user file should remain hidden from him. And three, he must have authority to allow or disallow the facility services of network to the users. The earlier network strategy used for the growth of any kind of activity was not so effective and hence due to the beginning of the concept of new and more advanced network structure it has gained attention from a major part of industries in todays business world. All this is done to increase service quality and productivity. The main point behind the success of it is that it allows for errors and redesigns which can take place during the early designing phase or even if it the service gets completed or even in the middle of the activity. Networking 3 References Topologies - Network Topologies, Types of Topology Examples www.compnetworkingabout.com Internet Society (ISOC) All About The Internet: History of the Internet www.isoc.org...
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