CS3_Brenda_Russell - relationship They were mostly trapping...

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EHarmony 1 Brenda Russell AB209 Small Business July 19,2011
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EHarmony 2 What strategy or strategies does eHarmony use to target one particular segment? How does eHarmony define its market segment? EHarmony has targeted the most untapped segment of market. They have gone through the most critical aspect of life i.e. marriage. Since, as per the research report around 50% of marriages in USA turn into divorce. This is really a big issue and emerging problem for the US society and the people. This is creating a situation of depression in US people. EHarmony recognized this big issue of US people and wanted to launch a website eHarmony.com that was based on the Dr. Neil Clark Warren book “Finding the love of your life”. They just wanted to make the real love and based on that love the marriage should happen that will be a long term
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Unformatted text preview: relationship. They were mostly trapping the youngster and youths, who were very much eager to find the true love in their partner for the marriage and relationship. EHarmony was helping those to find the best suitable option for the successful married life. Strategies to target one particular segment i.e. youngsters who are looking for the successful married life followed by eHarmony: They just wanted to trap the youngster who is willing to live a successful married life but due to the unsuccessful partners of bad partners they are not able to live the successful married life. They targeted this segment mostly to make a new move in the US history of marriage relationship. EHarmony 3 References EHarmony Official Site - The Most Trusted Dating Site. www.eharmony.com...
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CS3_Brenda_Russell - relationship They were mostly trapping...

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