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marketing unit 1 activity - applications and contacts at...

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Hello class and professor, The phone is as good as a smart phone and thus would be a lot operational in business activities. This kind of phone can be used to understand the various different functions of business and thus can be most productive to the small and medium class business people. The phone can be used in U.S in the states like California, Massachusetts and Chicago where the major population is that of business class. The phone would be best suited for the age groups of 18-24 year old people who are interested in these kinds of tabloids. It would mainly be helpful to them as they all are young and they would be able to understand them to perfection. It can also be used to know the various kinds of
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Unformatted text preview: applications and contacts at ease and being a starter phone, the young would be able to understand and navigate it to the best of the use. Hence, this kind of phone if launched would be best to those people who all are in the age group of 18-30 and have good knowledge and working experience of handling these kinds of functions. This would really make their task more simpler and their wont be any kind of pressure son any of them. Modifications in terms of navigations should be specified. In other words, their should be both the voice recognition and other hand made recognition as options that should be available for all. This would help the phone to be really successful I the market for long run....
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