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Please respond to both parts to this assignment. Use the website provided as well as the reading in your text to help guide your responses. You may also use other sources. Part one Name the factors that Ms. Smith should consider when negotiating with Mr. Jones. What should Ms. Smith do? Ms Smith should be more calm and polite while making negotiating arrangements with Ms Smith. This is essential as it creates a very bad impact on the other person in hand. This also creates a negative image in the mind of other person. Thus, she should mainly respond to the queries of Ms Smith in a polite and peaceful manner. No matter how big a person is, her she
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Unformatted text preview: should stick to the basics while responding. Part Two Name the factors that Mr. Jones should consider when negotiating with Ms. Smith. What should Mr. Jones do? Mr. Jones should be a more aggressive in his tone while negotiating with Ms Smith. He should be a lot more assertive rather than being a spectator. Mr. Jones should prove the mettle inside him and should talk business rather than any other stuff. Thus, it is important for Mr. Smith to understand the basic phenomena of being polite and where all should it be used and where all it should be used....
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