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nascar markering 6 - such as ages occupation education...

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List and explain the major segmentation variables that your brand should use in their marketing efforts? Market segmentation is defined as dividing heterogeneous market into homogeneous market According to the segmentation only the marketing efforts are directed towards the market by any company. The various variables that is available to divide the market. Geographic segmentation: in this market is divided on the basis of geographical area such as nation, city, states etc., on the basis of its size, according to the density of population or may be according to the climatic conditions of the area. Demographic segmentation: in this markets are divided on the basis of various variables
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Unformatted text preview: such as ages, occupation, education background, gender basis etc. Psychographic segmentation: in this segmentation of the customers is done on the basis of their lifestyle, personality traits or the values. This is also analyzed through the VALS system of segmentation. Behavioral segmentation: in this customers are divided on the basis of their behavior towards the product i.e. on the basis of their knowledge, usage rate, loyalty, occasions etc. this type of segmentation has an advantage as it is more closely related to the product itself....
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