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how does the company produce beautifully designed postcards so affordably? How has Modern Postcard managed their operations and assets so effectively? Why does Modern Postcard consider their operations customer-focused? Click for video script. Answer: The company is able to design beautiful postcards as the company strongly focuses on technology, the company produces digitally printed postcards. The company takes high definition digital pictures which are edited and different creativity is added in the pictures, which makes the postcards and the calendars exclusively beautiful. The company is able to manage its resources efficiently as they use them optimally. The
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Unformatted text preview: company is able o strongly focus on its operations as the company is well versed with the market, they get their work outsourced and have involved several professionals in this field which help in bringing out best work. The company strongly focuses on the customer needs and operates accordingly. The company has studied the postcard market and keeps them updated with the latest customer needs and trends and try to fulfill the needs and demand of the consumer. The company focused on understanding the market and build the systems that would automate a company accordingly....
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