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Question How can I apply social networking to doctors without borders. Post your original 100 word with references. Answer Doctors without the Borders are being asked by the people for donating its Twitter, Face book and the LinkedIn profiles & profile images for a single day (Social Media & the Haiti Disaster: How the Social Boom Has (And Hasn’t) Changed the News Media, 2010) . They have done few things same to the Twibbon, with exception which it may ask you for changing your profile images backing yourselves. I think this is one of the great methods for
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Unformatted text preview: the people, who do not examine its profile pages & images daily and are lazy, for having profile update for more than the single day. All what have been required is that they should store token that they are using to update the profile, same as the Twibbon does. Reference Social Media & the Haiti Disaster: How the Social Boom Has (And Hasnt) Changed the News Media . (2010, Feburary 3rd ). Retrieved September 9th, 2011, from
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